Services We Offer

We love to work with customers to create the perfect solution for your art needs. Contact us today.


Art Installation

Whether you need a painting hung on the wall or a 30-foot sculpture placed, we can help. All art installation completed by a certified art handler with extensive knowledge of carpentry, artistic processes, and building construction.

Artsengard_custom lightweight crate2a.jpg

Secure, lightweight shipping crates

All crates are made with a steel frame and covered with ISPM biosecure plywood. Crates can be ordered to provide maximum interior protection using museum grade foams and linings. Our unique construction style is significantly lighter than the standard all wood construction making them cheaper to ship and easier to handle.


Security that fits your art

Artsengärd has partnered with Art Guard to bring you the MAP Art Security System. The MAP System offers the effective asset protection of the MAP sensor in a dedicated and flexible plug-and-play system with the convenience of home automation. Designed with the private collector in mind, museum-tested, encrypted security can be managed from a mobile phone.

Artsengard_custom storage1.jpg

Art Storage Racks

Custom built to fit your storage and space needs. Racks can be stationary or sliding to facilitate easier veiwing.

Artsengard_custom storage4.jpg

Art Storage Cubbies

Lined with carpet and able to be dismantled for portability.